Hi! I’m Kari. I love to travel the world with my wonderful husband. From beaches to mountains, I love exploring it all!

I’m here to assist you in traveling to beautiful destinations and planning your dream vacations! I am dedicated to providing the highest level of service and attention to detail. I offer personalized, one-on-one trip planning to make all your travel adventures into lifetime memorable experiences.

Living in sunny Florida, I have travelled the Caribbean extensively. Some of my other personal favorite destinations are Hawaii (hello honeymoon!), Alaska (absolutely breathtaking!), and Europe (so much history!).

I specialize in cruise vacations by working closely with cruise lines and suppliers. As such, I am able to curate trips that meet both your dreams and your budget. My goal is to make your vacation as fun and enjoyable as possible. I am confident that I can provide you with the perfect vacation experience that you will love.

Contact me today! I look forward to speaking with you!